The Child in Mind method is a beautiful and unique way to get a better understanding  of what’s going on inside your child or yourself. The method is originated in the Netherlands and step by step spreading all over the world.

During a Child in Mind session I make an energetic connection with the child/adult and we explore what difficulties or worries you or your child are dealing with. During the session we work together to find the tools necessary for a solution. It’s possible we come across aura lifters or issues from a past life we have to deal with.

Because I do not physically have to be with you or your child, the treatment does not put any strain on you/ the child, and you are saved the hassle and expense of travelling to see me. All contact takes place by email.

This kind of alignment is possible for everyone aged 0 to 100 with ‘issues’ no matter their nature. Even for adults/children who have an ilness or mental disorder which prevent them from expressing themselves clearly.

You can ask a Child in Mind atunement for:

  • Your baby in the womb
  • Your baby
  • Your child
  • A parent/partner with dementia
  • Yourself
  • A lost loved one


In 2016 I graduated as a Child in Mind worker. I followed the course with the founder Diana Van Beaumont .

More information about her and the method you can find here


I am not a doctor, psychologist, orthopediatrician or the like. Nor do I cure illnesses or disorders. I make contact in order to ascertain what is the matter. No more and no less. Any subsequent steps are up to you.


Send an email to deborahclaeyscoaching@gmail.com or fill in the contactform down below and  you will receive all the information you need about sending in a photograph, the questions you can ask and payment.




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